A's BBQ - East Los Soul BBQ Box


True backyard BBQ with Chicano soul! One pound of citrusy & juicy, smoked Cochinita Pibil (pork) and 1 handmade Al Pastor Sausage stuffed with pork, pineapple bits, queso Oaxaca, cilantro & onion. Use meat to make tacos, tortas, or in any other culinary creation for a delicious weekend BBQ inspired by the flavors of East LA.

Serves 2 - 3

Chef's recommendations

  • Grab tortillas from your favorite tortilleria for tacos or some telera rolls for tortas

  • Top with quick pickled onions for extra flavor and crunch 

  • Crack open a beer from your favorite local brewery and enjoy!

*Deliveries will be made 2-3 weeks after your order is placed. Your exact delivery date will be confirmed via email.*

Pitmaster Alan Cruz of A’s BBQ City Terrace - Los Angeles, CA


City Terrace - Los Angeles, CA

A’s BBQ is brought to you by Chicano BBQ pitmaster Alan Cruz. A’s BBQ operates as a pop-up and is a major player in LA’s underground barbecue scene. Alan’s Chicano barbecue was inspired by the flavors he grew up with in East LA and influenced by Texas BBQ classics like brisket and ribs which appear regularly on his pop-up menus.

Grab a seat at the table.

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