Ceci's Gastronomia - Roasted Veggie Salad


  • 2 heirloom carrots

  • 1 red bell pepper

  • 1 red onion

  • ¼ cup toasted pepitas

  • A handful of fresh oregano leaves

  • 1/2 small radicchio 

  • 2 cups of arugula

  • ½ lemon

  • 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

  • 1 tbsp honey

  • Salt and pepper

  • Chili flakes


  1. Cut the carrots, peppers, and onions evenly and toss them into a bowl seasoning them with, salt, pepper olive oil, oregano leaves, and a touch of chili flakes.

  2. Spread the veggies over a baking sheet with parchment paper. Preheat the oven to 365° and bake for 15 minutes until nice and golden brown. While the veggies are roasting, add the pepitas to a small baking sheet and roast for 4-6 minutes at the same temperature. 

  3. Wash the arugula and the radicchio, thinly slice both, and then add to a bowl. Add cooled roasted veggies and pepitas. Drizzle with extra virigin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice, and season with salt and pepper. Add a light drizzle of honey and sprinkle with fresh oregano leaves. 

  4. Plate and enjoy with Zucchine alla Parmigiana!