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Whether it’s a casual Tuesday or a date night at home, enjoying a great meal is easy.

Fast Track to a Perfect Dinner

Fast Track to a Perfect Dinner

Choose a signature
In Good Company Dish to
be the star of the show.

You make the sides —
follow the chef’s recipes
or create your own!

Grab a beverage
of your choosing.

Kick back, relax
and enjoy!

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How it Works

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01 — Choose your dishes

Choose from a selection of dishes on our rotating menu. Meals last up to 2 months in the freezer.

Receive Delivery Icon

02 — Receive your delivery

You will be assigned a delivery date and time slot per the posted schedule.

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03 — Heat it up and serveeee

Pop your meal in the oven, whip up some sides, and get ready for a fantastic meal at home!

When you’re done with your meal, simply wash the container, then either:

In Good Company

Return containers at your next delivery

Hang onto your containers and return them the next month. We give you 60 days to return the containers without being charged!


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Schedule a pick-up

Select a time on one of our free pick-up days. A list of pickup days will be sent to you after your items are delivered.

Eat In Good Company.

01 — Support Local Restaurants

Our meals are made directly by the local chefs and restaurants we love at a time when they need our business! Plus, our chefs are all committed to intentional sourcing of ingredients, further supporting the entire food supply chain. A new way to buy local and support our restaurant industry.

02 — Create Dinner Magic at Home

Somewhere between cooking from scratch and takeout, we take care of the hard part, and make is easy for you to enjoy a restaurant quality dinner at home. So whip up a simple side, set the table, shake up a batch of cocktails, and enjoy your evening!

03 — Top-notch Ingredients, Frozen in Their Prime

Frozen food may get a bad rap, but we’re here to prove otherwise! Truth is, freezing unlocks a world of potential, from allowing chefs to use seasonal ingredients at the peak of their ripeness to helping cut down on food waste. And rest assured, our meals never contain additives or preservatives.

04 — Cutting Down on Waste, One Meal At a Time

We believe eating great shouldn’t come at the cost of the planet. That’s why all of our meals are packed in reusable, stainless steel containers that are given back to us to be used again and again. Add in the benefits of reducing food waste, and we’re making Mother Earth pretty happy.

Grab a seat at the table.

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